Thursday, October 08, 2009

Where Are the Laborers?

I just realized that I never posted a blog about this awesome career change I've had. Through the sovereignty of God, I have accepted a position as Executive Director at Visiting Orphans. Visiting Orphans is a wonderful mission sending agency. We send mission teams to orphanages all over the world. We also aim to set up U.S. churches in partnerships with orphanages. I seriously think I have the best job in the world. It's so neat to look back through this blog from the first trip I led. VERY little did I know that God has a much bigger plan in store for me! I have learned that volunteering for Him can bring you GREAT opportunities in time....

However, this job also brings a heavy heart with it. I get emails daily from people trying to start orphanages are others who are already in charge of orphanages. They need help! Their emails break my heart. There is one in Ecuador where the government has cut off their funding, so their staff are quitting. The woman there doesn't know how they are going to feed the children. Then, there is a man in Haiti who takes care of three orphans now and wants to bring in more, yet doesn't have the funding.

I know my place is at the throne of God, on my knees. That is where the direction and power reside. I can't pretend I have all the right tools to make this happen. But I know that God sees the least of these and hears their cries. I pray He divinely connects me daily. With the right church, the right people and the right ways. We need more people to GO! I can't believe sometimes that at the end of the day I am still looking for individuals to just take a few precious days out of their lives to go and love on these children. That is what blows my mind.

Lord, help me get the word out about these trips. Send the right people. May Visiting Orphans get to the point that we are having to turn people away because our trips are so full. Pour out your rain Father and bring the workers. The harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are so few!