Friday, June 11, 2010

We Need You in Ghana!

We have a trip scheduled to Ghana, Africa in August and I've been saddened and amazed at the lack of interest in this part of Africa. Our Uganda and Ethiopia trips fill up fast with waiting lists, and Ghana's orphans have just as much need as the orphans in these two countries, if not more. It may not be the popular country in Africa to visit and may require some people to REALLY get out of their comfort zone, but isn't that what a mission trip is all about?

The very first mission trip I went on, I decided, if I was going to get out of my comfort zone, I was going to really do it! So, I signed up to go to Siberia!!! And look what God has done with my life since that first mission trip 13 years ago. It's the trips that really take you out of your comfort zone that tend to make the greatest impact in your life and those you minister to. Maybe God will do something extraordinary in your life as well, if you will just trust Him and step out and go somewhere unfamiliar...

So, if you asking God to use you and to take you out of your comfort zone, join us in Ghana. A ministry we partner with, Ordinary Hero, just promoted this trip on their blog. Please read about it here and then sign up here.

We really need you to GO!!!

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  1. So excited to see this trip to Ghana! We are adopting two children from Ghana and waiting on our court date to travel! Our hearts are there! Our 10 year old daughter has a huge heart for orphans. She has designed her own tshirt to raise money to feed the children of Ghana when we travel and is having a garage sale tomorrow. God has given her this and He is providing! So awesome to watch! Her blog is