Thursday, December 16, 2010

We are Adopting! Let the Fundraising Begin!

So, here's the official announcement finally! Simon and I are excited to announce that we are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia! Let the FUNDRAISING begin!!!

First the details...
Our little girl has a name...she is what they call in the adoption world, "pre-identified". However, we've never met her. Basically, through a friend and former team member of Visiting Orphans, we were easily persuaded to try to start the adoption process for a little five year old girl from Ethiopia. This team member had fallen in love with her on a previous trip to Ethiopia. B_____ is I guess, in some ways, a street kid. I know that sounds awful, but I want you to know the awful truth. Right now, she is abandoned and lives on the street in Ethiopia. Through the kindness of many strangers, she is loved on as much as possible and now, she is in the process of getting her adoption paperwork started. Yet, at this time, she is still on the streets...

Our adoption is what you call "high risk" as she's not even in an orphanage, does not yet have a birth certificate, nor a certificate of abandonment. In a way, she is forgotten and unknown. But soon...she will not only be known, she will have the last name of Lawrence!!

Please keep B____ in your prayers for protection. Prayers that once her paperwork is completed she will be put in the right orphanage and that all the other hurdles that may come up, will be very small and almost obsolete in nature. We have to keep most details protected at this time, but soon, once her adoption papers are complete, we will tell you more!

If you would like to donate to our adoption, feel free to donate through the PayPal Donate button on this blog.

At this time, your donations are not tax deductible, but as soon as we complete our home study, we will work with a not for profit so that all donations are tax deductible at that time. However, if that is not important to you, we would greatly appreciate your donation now, as there are many small payments that we have to make during this "paper chasing" time of creating a dossier. You can send a check to 8669 Burkitt Place Dr., Nolensville, TN 37135. You can make it out to us or America World Adoption, whichever you prefer.

I cannot wait to have her home and we cannot wait to be parents!! We know she is hand picked by God in every way....


  1. Absolutely THRILLED for you and will continue to pray that the Lord will blaze the trail for you to safely and quickly bring your daughter HOME! ~mike

  2. This is amazing to see how God brought her into your lives. I will keep it all in my prayers.

  3. We brought home our 5YO son this summer from China. He is the one you blogged about on here! He is the sweetest child and our *surprise* blessing for sure.

    God works in amazing and miraculous ways!!! So excited for you, Simon, and your daughter waiting to come home!!! We have some friends at church in the same type of process. I hope you are connected with them; I suspect you are as A knows them and would probably have gotten you in touch. If not, let me know and I'll get you their emails. It is always great to have others you can talk to during the wait of an intl. adoption!

    Again, congrats on officially starting and announcing!!! Can we make an online donation to AWAA for your family? BE sure to check out Both Hands foundation for a great way to fundraise if you haven't heard of them already. They are based here locally.

    Hugs, Leslie

  4. My check is in the mail today! I hope to adopt one day also. Good Luck. Prayers are heading your way.

  5. WonderfulWonderful! Glad to have happened onto your blog. Will be praying....