Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Waiting

With the new news of adoptions in Ethiopia possibly slowing down, it has really increased our yearning for our little girl we are trying to adopt in Ethiopia. I was the given the following verses from my Assistant, Amanda Herdina. It brought me SUCH comfort and I wanted to share it with the rest of you who are waiting.

Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Oh Timothy, you of little faith. Have I not said to you, “Trust in Me”? You weigh all that is, and is not, on your emotions and lack of patience. Finish that which is set before you, then shall you be given more.

Next week, go east and work with your new client, but do not abide there. There will you find enough to carry you over. Have faith... Have I not provided thus far? In the weeks to come, I will provide you with plenty. Have patience and rest in The Lord... be not tempted of satan. All good things come to those, who wait patiently in The Lord and overcome with steadfast faith. Pray and ask of The Father, in The Son’s name, and it shall be given you. Obey all that I ask of you, and I will return to you ten-fold in Heaven that which is due you. And yes, Timothy, I will keep your head above water. Even more so will I give to you, so much so that your tithe shall grow and help those in need near to you. If your tithe shall grow, shouldn’t that which you tithe from grow first?

I have spoken, so it shall come to pass. Trust in Me, and I shall increase you greatly in your land. Through you, many shall be lifted up out of their need; and through Christ working in you, shall many be lifted up to redemption, which is in Christ, The Lord.

I also received this today from a daily Word I receive:

You are right on schedule, but not according your time frame. You have placed yourself under My authority and kingdom rule where time on the earth takes only a secondary position. You can make your appointments and set your schedules, but you must remember that My purposes for you supersede natural plans. For, I see and know all things, and I know how to bring about that which is best for you, says the Lord.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Focus on the things of the day, Timothy, especially the works of The Lord. Worry not on tomorrow, for The Lord holds tomorrow in His right hand, and yesterday in His left. But today, cherish, for The Lord is with you today. Let The Lord handle your tomorrows. You, Timothy, work, and do those things both necessary and pleasurable for your family today, for tomorrow holds its own trials... All of which can and will be overcome through Me."


  1. Thank you Amanda for sharing this, I needed to read that as well. :)

  2. Amanda,
    Found your blog through the VO site. Just wanted to encourage you to hang in there. My husband and I began the adoption process for our daughter from China in October of 2007. There were so many changes in the program from the time we started. When we began we were told it would be anywhere from 12-15 months from start to finish. Well, we just received our daughter from China this Sept. 2010. God had a HUGE work to do in us to prepare us for HIS child, His plan, not ours. When we began the process, we were not ready for His plan...and He addeed a surprise in between...a daughter who needed us in Ethiopia first. So, we got her in June of 2009 at 4 months old. And, our daughter from China was from the special needs program, which we were not ready for in the beginning of our process. So, though this journey is SO HARD, and you wonder what God is doing in all of this...HIS TIMING and HIS PLAN is PERFECT. Praying with all my heart for all of you families out there waiting for your sweet child, and of course, praying on behalf of all of the children waiting...