Monday, June 11, 2007

Belmont & Visiting Orphans Ethiopia Trip - June 2007

Thanks so much to all of you who are praying for us. The team consist of 14 people: 13 women and one wonderful and brave 8 year old boy. My friend called today and told me that she woke up in the middle of the night and had an image of our team while she was praying...that we were surrounded by this wall that was like 2 feet deep of steel..but it was fluid and did not inhibit us but moved with the team. It was the wall of protection around us. We were very fortified in the Lord's protection! I believe it! I've never felt such an outpouring of prayer in my life and even with my last minute flight change, I have so much peace about this trip. The support and belief from you all is so important to us and so thank you for the wall of protection you have created around this team of women! Keep it up! :)
As the Lord impresses anything upon you during prayer for us, feel free to comment here for us!

Our team packed 14, 50 lb bags of donated items between the 10 of us that are in the SE area! The out pouring of friends, family and tons of church members at Belmont was unbelievable! The local YMCA of East Nashville donated a huge bag full of just boy's soccer uniforms, another bag of cleats, soccer socks and soccer balls for the homeless kids we will be working with. I can literally see them in my mind, all jumping on top of each other to get them. I bet they coudl start their own soccer/ football league with all that they donated us! We've also requested 200 pairs of shoes from the Crocs company. they are still working on the request, so please pray for favor there as well. With the rainy season in Ethiopia lasting 6 months, this would be a great blessing to the kids and care takers in the orphanages. Each of us will check 2 bags in and pack our own things in our carry on. And there is still atleast another 100 lbs of donated items left that we will have to ship over. Honestly, I've never seen so much love and selflessness from the Body of Christ like this. Thank you all so much! Please pray for favor in passing the 50 lb. limit per bag and being able to pack all our things in our carry on. Aren't ya'll impressed that all us women did not grumble one bit and were happy to pack for 2 weeks in one carry on?!

I leave tomorrow with Jennifer Stokes to go to DC for a couple of days to attempt to help her re-issue her passport. It will be good to already be in DC when the rest of the group arrives, other than Jill, from Germany. We will then try to stay up late before going to bed so that we can sleep on the flight out of DC on Friday morning in order to get used to the time change. Pray for a restful, comfortable trip. I will miss my flight partner, Rebekah from last year. She let me put my legs and feet up on her on the whole way there and back. WHAT a friend!!!

I'll write from Addis over the weekend and let you all know how we are doing. They added a new city and orphanage to our trip: Sodo. So we are excited to be visiting a new orphanage where few mission teams ever visit. For now, please keep believing for the 2 passports to come in!

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