Thursday, June 14, 2007

One down! One more to go

We finally have Jennifer's passport...just hours before we leave for the airport. Amy will hopefully get hers tomorrow and follow us to Addis a day later than expected. Can't wait to see her smiling face in Addis finally!


  1. Elspeth Cordray8:47 AM

    Hi u guys! Hope everything is going well out there in Ethiopia. We are thinking about you and hoping things are going really well, that you will plant seeds on your trip, that you would not be overwhelmed but that God would show you the specific areas were you can make a difference and plan things to help the situations you encounter, both for while you are there and for when you return to the USA. Have fun! Elspeth (Laura's daughter in law, Jennifer's future sister-in-law(!))

  2. Amanda and team, I was looking for more info on your trip and found your myspace page.
    At church this morning, we watched a video about the importance of fathers. As the video played, I started thinking about the children at the orphanages and on the streets of Ethiopia that have no earthly father.
    The Lord quickly reminded me that "He is the Father to the fatherless". The All Sufficient One and He alone knows how to be the Ultimate Dad to these children.

    Your work at America World has an extra dimension. Not only do they get to experience the love of the Heavenly Father, but also a Dad and Mom who can love, train, and be an example of Jesus.

    I read your other blogs and know the Lord has ordered your steps, even with the early departure He is lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. Where the Light shows up, darkness can't stay.

    As you and the team love on these children, may the very compassion that rose up in Jesus envelope you and cause them to feel more accepted and free than ever before.

    Looking forward to your next blog and will definitely be praying and expecting tremedous breakthrough for these children and anointing and strength for you and the entire team.

    have a Shakinah time,

    Doug Dittamore