Monday, June 01, 2009

Less Than 3 Weeks To Go

Today it hit less than 3 weeks we will be in beautiful Africa again. Meeting some of the most wonderful children and people in the world - their humbleness, graciousness, desperateness. It changes your life. I can't wait! I think our time in Uganda will be the most impactful and I feel that God has such a purposeful plan in each member of this team for our time there.

How can the earth feel so huge and yet so small at other times? To think that Africa is on the other side of the planet and yet a day's worth of travel and we can step into other people's world and cultures. "Jesus, I don't want to remain comfortable... That is the biggest temptation for us here in America. Change our hearts Lord, do not let us return unchanged. Give us bigger visions for who we are and for what you have purposed for us. Let it be less of us and more of You in every way..."

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