Sunday, June 21, 2009

Organzied Chaos

Well, if you are following my twitter posts, you know that our Ethiopian Airlines flight to Addis was cancelled after 5 hours of sitting on the runway which included a great airplane dinner and Marley and Me... We finally got into a hotel room at 5 AM this morning and have slept about 5 hours.

Ethiopian Airlines is run much like Ethiopia..go figure! Everyone is VERY trustful and laid back and communication only comes if you press them, or if you don't, whenever.... So, much of those 5 hours on the plane were with no word of what was going on. All we know is that something was mechanically wrong with the plane, so we are thankful they didn't risk the flight. Getting anywhere, all 200 or so of us left after not getting re-routing, was extremely difficult. It was like the great race. Who ever could catch a taxi first and get to the hotel to figure out the next plan won! :) Here was little ole me, having to take charge at the hotel b/c the woman behind the test did not have a clue nor did our Ethiopian Airline rep. So, I started managing and coordinating who got hotel rooms first and being that go between and demanding they call in their manager, which they finally did. I was amazed that not one other person stepped up to do this, but thank you Lord for the grace and energy and where with all to get it done and thank you Mindy for your help! it's been fun to watch how each team member falls into place and to already see the gifts in each one of them. The problem with my coordination of the rooms was that I kept giving them away to the elderly and those with children and we might have been there all night if my husband, Simon, hadn't of taken over to be sure WE got our rooms. :) I guess sometimes you can have a little too much compassion, or you can just be too much of a pushover!

It was a GREAT quick test and bonding experience for our group. I can tell God has called a great group together. Pray that there is finally SOME word today of what time our new flight may leave. Like Ethiopia, they have left us hanging with NO word as to what time that is...just that we need to keep waiting....

I'll be working on our itinerary in Ethiopia now since obviously we will be able to keep all the dates with the very delayed flight.. Please pray for that leading as well.

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