Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Nashville Orphan's Ticket Home Gala

Last Saturday was amazing. The Gala was beautiful in every way...gorgeous black and white decor with red rose bouquets atop tall clear glass vases...pictures of adopted children all over. The music was so perfect and Britt Nicole loved on our guests in every way. By the music she chose, the stories she told and the way she loved her Father.
Each guest received a airline "ticket" when they arrived that directed them to a country. They found their table by finding their country as each table was assigned a different country. Their name tags were pilot wings.
I opened up with a story about Nicolas Winton. It is the first story I can find in history that details international adoption, except it wasn't called adoption, it was called rescuing children. Nicholas saved almost 700 children from the Nazi death camps in 1939 as a 29 year old single man. I shared his story with the crowd and showed a clip of him meeting a room full of the orphans he saved as now adults. It's a very powerful story of how we can all have an inheritance like this if we help orphans.
Tom Davis shared his story of adopting his daughter from Russia and what life is like for an orphan in an orphanage and how if everyone in the church would adopt a child, there would be no more orphans!
Then, Aster, the Founder of Kids Care orphanage shared her vision for the primary school she is trying to build for the children in poverty in her community.
Dan Coley closed with an extremely touching message about having passion and being completely surrendered to God in life.
The night ended after Aster auctioned off her personal gold bracelet bringing in over $700 for it!
I will miss my time with America World and the opportunity to share about orphans and adoption in this way. I love giving worship and glory to God by setting up amazing events like these. In the end, no matter how much money we made, I KNOW it was a sweet aroma to Him and an offering that pleased His heart. May his heartbeat for the orphan now resonate in the attendees that gathered that night. Lord, do not let the enemy steal the seed that was sown this night..I pray it fell on good ground and not rocky ground. Ground that you prepared and are now watering through future messages.
Thank you for the last five years at America World. I loved the walk with you I had...traveling all over the U.S. each weekend to share your heart for the orphans with new prospective families. Meeting new children as they are recently adopted and witnessing the joy in the families. May this time in my life never be stolen and may I be a good steward of all you shared through it with me. I offer it back to you..may I be a beautiful instrument in your hand for Visiting Orphans.

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  1. Amanda, I have a question for you about a video shown at Orphan's Ticket Home. Can you email me? watsonadoption@gmail.com