Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What an Adventure so far!!

So far we have painted 3 out 4 murals in the America World Ethiopia Transitional Home. The one featured is in the main lobby and older babies room. Then we have them in the toddler room and baby infant room. We are getting the wood floors refinished and moving out the front wall of the classroom, giving the kids more space and light. I had the unique experience today of being admitted into an Ethiopian hospital. I was suffering from dehydration and stomach flu symptoms. I have to tell you this hospital (the Korean hospital in Addis) was faster than an American hospital and they took great care of me. SO many people in the hospitals in Addis though. They are every where...I hated thinking of the people who couldn't afford to go to the emergency room when they felt like I did. The bill for the whole day in the ER was only $30 as opposed to thousands of dollars in the U.S., yet still, so many street kids and families would never be able to afford this.

 There's a sweet lifeless little baby in the transitional home who hasn't been referred who has pneumonia. Please lift this baby up for healing. The kids are the most amazing children. There's one little 5 year old boy who just stands quietly and watches us as we paint. He loves to be held and to hold hands when I walk somewhere. I'm glad he's been referred or I'd be a goner to adopt him ASAP. I'm telling you, the babies are amazing, but those little children capture your heart. They always look so sad when we leave for the day even when I assure them that their mommies and daddies are coming very soon and they can't wait to take them home. 

We are ordering new bunk beds that are 3 beds in height so that the boys and girls have room in their bedroom and baby beds that aren't metal for the home. If you'd like to help us, you can do so here.

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