Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dr. E!!

Our Visiting Orphans team to Haiti was blessed with the most gentle and best pediatrician I have ever met. His name is Dr. Eric Escue and he was a GOD send to this team. He was never too tired to answer the same questions over and over again to the members of the team and you could tell he held this responsibility of caring for these orphans with high regard. I remember him literally shaking as he carried the new children off of the plane to the truck, just amazed at how loving the doctors in Porte au Prince were and how happy he was to just have a few words of one of the little girl's diagnosis just written on her body cast.

I called him a "Softie" because although it would get crowded in the clinic with the children just coming in and out, some just wanting to be weighed and others complaining of small stomach aches, yet, he would never ask them to leave. He also could barely ever turn them down if they asked for something. Truly he loves these kids and is in the RIGHT profession! If you are in Memphis, TN, I highly recommend him!

I wanted you to read his blog reports as he worked day in and day out to make sure these orphans were healthy and cared for. You will love his perspective and tender heart in his writings!

Doctor E's Blog


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