Friday, February 12, 2010

The Story of Johnny

I SO wish I had so much more time to post all the videos, photos and stories I have from my trip to Haiti and Africa. There are still so many stories in my heart, mind and dreams.

I wanted to get this one up on the little boy, Johnny, that had been relocated after the earthquake to Danita's. He lost his family in the quake and if this man, Micah, from Vapor Sports, had not intervened in his life, who knows if he would have made it. Each team that has gone to work at Danita's has helped Johnny with his restoration and physical therapy. There is another video in an earlier post which shows Johnny trying to walk again with the help of short term missionaries.

This man Micah, drove into Porte au Prince right after the earthquake with Danita and just went to one of the 2 hospitals left standing and told those working, I just want to be a "grunt" man. I will do anything to help.

He ended up being the one removing the dead as they died in the orphanage, sometimes after days of decomposition and only having garbage bags to move them. Sometimes having to put them out the back door of the hospital in the garbage bags. He helped with amputations. He tried to calm hysterical family members who were trying to convince the nurses and doctors that they needed to help those that they loved. Just dealing with horrible situations and some of the saddest and most desperate stories I have heard.

He did have awesome opportunities to lead those dying to the Lord, so I can't thank him and our God enough for putting him in the right place, at the right time. And he was in the right place to find Johnny and this boy's destiny has been changed forever. Thank you Micah for not being afraid to go into the fire of Porte au Prince and enter into the trauma and change lives eternally. I know your life was changed eternally as well!

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  1. Here's a link to Micah's journal that chronicles the events: