Wednesday, September 08, 2010

For the Skeptics...

I received this email this morning from Pastor Isaac who runs the Canaan's Children Orphanage in Uganda. Occasionally I will receive a few skeptics about our ministry and why we visit orphans. Maybe this will help crush any doubts and future skeptics:

My sister Amanda allow me to share with you and your husband Simon as you together mobilize teams to come in Uganda and Ethiopia it is my desire and prayers for most of the people in USA to know the IMPORTANCE of visiting Orphanage homes.

First of all it is Biblical, we see God pledging to be the father to the fatherless and there is no any other way how God can fulfill that task unless some one stands in the gap,so when ever teams comes to visit Orphans and show them love, kindness, compassion,sharing with them the word of God like Bible clubs, singing together,playing together, that is how God can become a father to the fatherless.

Actually that is how those Children can prove the sweetness of their Father God the Almighty like as you have been doing.Psalms 68:5,James 1:26-27.

I always see the teams coming with gifts or surprises,really that is great and wonderful allow me to let you know that when ever we give the children the gifts that the teams bring the children become so much excited and because of so much joy the Children start to cry and when you ask them they say that they have never thought that there are people who can love them as to that extent. Ecclesiastes 11:1.Mathew 25:34-46.

It is also very important people who can come as a team to visit the orphanage ,when ever they come by the time they go back after the lives of the children have been changed and also when their lives of the children are not the same.You know my sister those children are coming from different situations,the back grounds of those Children are horrible and so when the teams come and they touch on them,comfort them that is when they will prove the Father hood of God.

Lastly let me take this opportunity to let you know that ever since we got to know one another and you started visiting us in Canaan we have never been the same , our hope and trust in the Lord has grown.When ever teams come it leaves our children healed and blessed spiritually and physically and the entire home is blessed because different people among the team are used by God in different ways so as a result the entire Orphanage home is blessed.

Thank you so much for the great work that you are doing ,and the work that you have done for us and the work that you are still to do for Orphanages until Jesus comes back.

We shall keep praying with you,for God to enable you and give you good health and his provision to each and every one who would like to come and visit Orphans because it is not by might nor by power but by His grace and spirit.

On behalf of all the children of Canaan and every one else we love you so much and thank you.

Pastor Isaac.

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