Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"He loves the orphan child, It makes His love grow wild"

The caption above are lyrics from a song by Christy Nockels. This picture is of one of the orphans at Hannah's Orphans Home in Addis. Isn't she beautiful!!? Divided by the Great Rift Valley, this land, Ethiopia,is twice the size of Texas, and faces an orphan crisis. UNICEF estimates that one in ten Ethiopian children, about 4.6 million, is an orphan.
She is just an example of the millions of orphans that need love and security. At Hannah's Orphans Home, she is recieving the love of a caregiver and her other orphan brothers and sisters that are there. Hannah's Home does not adopt out, as she is creating an environment there in Addis where they can be raised and even financially be supported so they can go to college. She has about 90 children in her care and she started years ago with just 5! Hannah is an amazing woman who God has called to help care for these orphans...She inspires me!

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  1. Anonymous2:54 PM

    What a beautiful girl! All of the children are beautiful though. Thank you for sharing this amazing experience. It has touched my heart & I know that it will touch many more as I plan to share it w/ my family & friends as well.
    God is wonderful & I know through these pictures as well as words that He will feel us with the spirit to help these orphans!