Monday, June 19, 2006

While walking through Addis we ran into a shop that sells the grain, "teft" for the injera bread that all Ethiopians use to eat their meals. We got to walk in and see how this grain is packaged and sold. They separate the pure grain from the chaff which is spoken about so much in the Bible. The definition for chaff is: The dry bracts enclosing mature grains of wheat and some other cereal grasses, removed during threshing.
Two men will put the grain in this box and shake it constantly, sifting it. As they shake it, the chaff will separate from the grain. You can see the chaff in this picture. It is the light colored circle in the middle...They will then gently blow this chaff out of the box onto the floor. They will do this process over and over again until all the pure grain has been sifted thouroughly. Isn't it cool to know that He GENTLY just blows the impure out of our lives, it may not feel that way at times, but He really does take great care with our hearts...He is constantly sifting us..separating the pure from the impure.

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