Tuesday, June 13, 2006

To whom much is given, much is required..

Our group that traveled to Ethiopia was so amazing. Each was hand picked by God, from all over the U.S. Each came to the group with a special gift that God used to accomplish His work while we were there. We had wonderful translators who were Young Life leaders there in Addis Ababa. They were so much fun and spoke great English and they got right in there with the kids just as much as we were..so they really added to our group. Young Life in Ethiopia, isn't that amazing!?

We met this young girl, Zimade, in Lalibela and the group decided to financially help her in getting this "cyst" removed from her upper lip. So, we left money and direction with her step father to bring her on the 2 day bus trip from Lalibela to Addis so we could take her to the surgeon. We left Lalibela on faith that this was actually going to happen. Well, they showed up early in the morning exactly 2 days later and God opened so many doors at the private Christian Korean hospital there in Addis. From that point we were able to see a plastic surgeon who told us that this is not a cyst, but actually a mass of capilaries. She nees an injection once a week for a month to narrow and constrict these capilaries and then if cosmetic surgery is still needed, they can work on removing what bump is left over. Problem was that they did not have the medicine for the injections there in Addis, so I am working here in teh U.S. to locate this medicine and send it to them there in Addis. Please keep this in your prayers! They are already running out of money for food since Zimade is away from home and now staying at a relative's house. Please keep her in your prayers and for continued favor in locating and acquiring and sending this medicine. We can't keep her out of school for too long...

Here is a link to her condition:

If you know a plastic surgeon that can help us get the meds, please comment and let me know. Thank you!

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