Tuesday, May 25, 2010

not that different...

Well, this is the husband doing the blogging tonight! I just arrived to Ecuador yesterday only to realize that the city of Quito really isn't that different from the other cities that we visit. For instance... the buildings are very similar, the people are just as kind and humble, everyone drives VERY aggressive as if they make their own rules:), and most importantly- there are many orphans who need love in a way that we who have parents just don't understand!

Today, I was blown away when we pulled into the orphanage and I saw all the little 5 year olds fly around the corner as if they were in a race to get to us first. I remember this feeling like it was yesterday in Uganda... The smells, the sounds of babies crying, the children grabbing your arms... it is all a BIG cry for love, for help, for attention. The thing that saddens me the most is how small my offering is and that there is just such a need. It can overwhelm me sometimes... but as the song we have been singing goes:

God is big, all over me,
God is big, all over you,
God is big, all over us,
God is big, all over the world!

Lord, just let me remember how big you are! Thank you for noticing these little ones and for being their TRUE father. Please give them life Lord and redeem these children from a life of longing. Thank you Jesus.

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