Friday, May 14, 2010

Photos and the Work Being Done at the Korah Dump

A professional photographer, Cherrie Cornish, traveled to Uganda and Ethiopia with our last Visiting Orphans team we sent to Africa. Her photos capture the spirit and beauty of each person she photographs. Here are some photos made of the children in the Korah city dump in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our teams are forever changed and impacted when they visit these impoverished children. So much so, that a team member, Sumer Yates, from the last team that visited them in January has set up a not for profit called Project 61 to help send 120 children to school and in just the last 3 months she has gotten 102 of them sponsored! She and her family are moving to Ethiopia in fact in just a couple of months.

Cherrie took photos of each child at Korah to send to the children's sponsors. In fact, we have just planned another trip this Summer to Ethiopia for Project 61 just to help these children. The dates are August 18th to the 29th. You can find out more here.

***photos may not be reproduced or used without permission by Cherrie Cornish

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