Sunday, May 23, 2010


Our flight to Quito was rerouted last night to Guayaquil due to a large fog cloud that had descended onto the airport. This is not the first time God has interrupted or allowed our itinerary in-country to change. I always trust that it's for our best and it usually means a great nice hotel and good night's sleep to start off our time in-country.

And I was right...we got a great night's sleep and had a wonderful breakfast. When I travel, I try to eat some if the local delicacies, so this morning I chose a fish soup called Encebollado for breakfast. It's a soup with fresh tuna and you pour a little olive oil in it and squeeze some lime into it and then you throw some plantain chips in there as well. WONDERFUL! It reminded me of Tum Cha thai soup. (I know i butchered the spelling of that!). They did have cow stomach on the buffet line as well, but I can't go there. I did once in Ethiopia and I just can't deal with that.

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