Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Costa Rica Team 2 - a "goofy" adventure:)

You know it's a busy season for Visiting Orphans when 3 blogs from 3 different teams are posted on our blog all in one day:)

Our second team to Costa Rica is well underway. One of our team members, Kim Stanley, is blogging at: http://www.goingnotknowing.blogspot.com/. She and her son Caleb were supposed to be on the first team but passport issues prevented them from joining that team. After a week of re-arranging flights, going to New Orleans to get passports the same day and lots of additional costs all with very positive attitudes that were an amazing testimony of their faith and trust the God had a plan, they made it and are now with the second team in Costa Rica loving on the kids at 2 orphanages there. This is from her blog:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Day One ~ Villa's

We woke to a beautiful morning today. After devotional and an excellent breakfast, we hit the road to visit Villa's. It took us several hours ride some interesting roads. Many of the roads have holes from so much rainfall and there is not always a lot of room to go around them. We also crossed many one lane bridges. From what I can tell, the vehicle that gets there first and "honks" the horn has the right of way. We are blessed with an excellent driver and guide. I wish you could see all of the luggage they had packed on top of the bus the first day. Caleb said we looked like a scene from "The Goofy Movie" and I tend to agree!

We spent the afternoon at Villa's with the children there. Since a group had been there the week before, it made our transition much easier. They recongnized Kim W from that group and were soooo excited to see her! After a wonderful lunch prepared by the tias, we got to know the kids. We had bubbles blowing, bag painting, picture frame making, and stickers going everywhere!!! But it was fun and a great way to break the ice and get to love on the children.

On Thursday, we will take the children to the beach to play in the water and the sand! This is very much a treat for them and the tias and I am so glad that our guides were able to work this out. In just a few hours, with very limited Spanish, I learned something very interesting. Love is the same in any language, laughter is the same, joy is the same, happiness is the same, and many other emotions are the same that we saw today. Isn't God an awesome God? This has been a very humbling experience for many of us. These children are God's children also!!!

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