Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meeting needs in China

Visiting Orphans has a team in Chen Zhou, China. 14 year old Elyssa Mapple on the team is blogging. You can read her blog at: http://www.visitingorphanschenzhou.blogspot.com/

Here is a small segment from her blog:

We ended up being able to buy the orphanage a big air conditioner, and a TV. I think they were very happy and thankful that we were able to get them something they needed. Okay, so back on track, at 2:45 we went to the orphanage for the last time (on this trip) :) and played with the babies for about an hour. We went downstairs afterwards and they decorated the foam visors with stick on foam stickers that we brought. They loved decorating them. Susan also got some of her pictures developed so that the older kids could have a picture of themselves in their foam picture frame that they made the other day. We put all of the frames in a collage sort of thing on their wall so they can always see them. We also brought face paint and we painted most of their faces. Katie's secret talent is face painting, haha, she was really good. Some of us also brought them glow stick bracelets that they wore and thought they were the coolest things ever! Sadly, we were told that it was 5 and that we needed to say our goodbyes and take our last group picture out by the orphanage. It was so hard saying goodbye to all of the precious ones that we have come to love; however, we all hoped that if we are fortunate to come back again that most of them will be gone to live with a family.

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