Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ordinary Hero

At Visiting Orphans we have wonderful opportunities as a parachurch organization to partner with other not for profits. Our heart in doing this is so that a ministry or not for profit agency can focus on the vision God has for them while we focus on what God has called us to which is sending out the Body of Christ to visit orphans in distress.

One such ministry we partner with is a local Nashville not for profit called Ordinary Hero. They do awesome things for orphans all over the world...partnering with international adoption agencies to highlight waiting children in other countries in the hopes that the right family will find them and finally adopt them and bring them home. They also help foster children locally and impoverished families, even helping most recently with victims of the flood here in Nashville. Kelly Putty, the Executive Director and Founder has so much on her hands right now, as you can imagine, so it was with joy that we had this opportunity to serve her and her agency in sending out an incredible team to Ethiopia.
She has written a very comprehensible blog and she's a professional photographer so you will love her recaps and images. You can follow along here. I am thoroughly enjoying her blog personally!

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