Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Letter from Ugandan Orphanage Director

One of the wonderful aspects of my job as Executive Director is that I get to receive the thank you letters of praise from orphanage directors our teams partner with all over the world. Here is a recent letter from Pastor Samuel of the Tumain Children's Home in Pallisa, Uganda. Our June team traveled to work with his orphanage, his church and some community children's clubs. Very few Americans travel and stay in Pallisa, so this was a great blessing to all who were involved.

Peace, Joy and Grace be unto you, I bring greeting from Pallisa family and thanking God for making it possible for us to host the V.O team also in Pallisa, what a blessing from God.

We are so grateful for what you all guyz did to bless our Children with sports equipments, Clothes, shoes, Children’s crafts, teachings and your big hugs that you gave us may the Lord increase you daily.

Results: During your stay here we have recorded now 6 People that received Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior in our Church, some did when Chris preached on Sunday and other during the week, to my surprise, we received one guy who prayed Volley with the V.O team and he was pulled by their Character so on Sunday he came to Church and said he want to change his Characters too.

Children Clubs: Our 3 clubs that the V.O team worked with where so blessed and we have seen a very big growth in our attendance for the last one week. Now they know that there other people somewhere in the world who care and love them and also that Jesus is not only for blacks but for all.

Women’s Ministry: We where so blessed to have Mum Barbra on the Team and Tamara and some one else that I have forgotten the name, their stories healed many women’s hearts, knowing that they are not alone who go through what their going through. “When the old Muzungu told us her story I felt like rising up again, knowing that I am not the only one” said the lady on the Sunday service.

Children’s Home: The V, O team blessed us so much with food, beddings and games. We have food that can last for 5 months now; this was a very big wave off to my worries of how they are going to feed. They will be able to have balanced food and gain their health so that by the time we send them back to their parents/ relatives they are very ok.

Vote of Thanks: On behalf of the Ministry here in Pallisa I would like once again to appreciate the June 2010 V.O team for leaving your comfort zones and come down here in Africa to work with us. Our countries in Africa deffer in there Challenges but you are able to come in and help us.

I thank everyone who support the June team with any kind of support, you did not support them but the Children.

We love you so much and please know that you left a maker in our heart. We will pray for you and you pray for us.

Pray for the Aug Team that will be here soon.

Please Pass it to another.

Pastor Samuel

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