Friday, January 29, 2010

I Am Not Forgotten

It has been so chaotic trying to teach and get these new orphans assimilated into life at Danita's Children's Home. Everything is new and they've been through such trauma with the earthquakes. We've done the best we can to communicate with the children. I've found that Haiti is not like Uganda or Ethiopia where most children know some English. These children do not know any English so we've had a hard time communicating with them. So, you can understand how it was so special this morning when we finally found out their names and put name tags on them! I loved watching them light up when we finally recognized them and said their names. I can imagine they have felt lost, forgotten and scared. I'm beginning to get pretty attached to some of them...


  1. Amanda,

    I have been praying for you and am enjoying this video. I wish I could be there right now being a part of what of this effort. Praying!

  2. God bless you guys for everything you are doing! My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you!