Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Karamajong Children Photos - What You Will See

The Visiting Orphans team took some very moving photos of our day with the Karamajong children in Jinja. You will see by some of these photos the skin and bones of these children and just how hungry they were for the one meal they would get daily...You will see the desperateness and the tears and the exhaustion of being so weak without food. You will also see their joy in midst of their pain. You will see that each of them had a bowl or a plate in their hand. If they didn't, there was no way to feed them.

Our hope is that we can bring LOTS of these bowls and plates on our next trip in April...not to mention shoes and clothes.

We could use you on this trip in April. Our team is not big enough yet. We have more than enough team members for our Summer trips, but we want to bring lots of supplies on this trip in April.. I cannot get back there soon enough. I just keep remembering how much help they needed. Won't you go for us and help them?!

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