Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Rescue

We were included in another rescue today! Our team loaded up and headed to the "landing strip", which was just a big field. We then had to be sure that all the goats and people were off the "runway". Kids had followed us there from the village and we waited about an hour. As the plane approached the villagers all came out. They, as you can imagine, are very interested on any word or sight about the earthquake that hit their country just a few hours away.

Three children were flown in on this flight. One orphan with cerebral palsy was just left by her mom at the hospital after the earthquake. Another young boy was in a body cast and an amputated arm and a young woman in another body cast. It was amazing to us and especially the doctor on our team, Dr. Eric Escue, that the doctors in Porte au Prince had written in sharpies all over her cast. They had written when to take off the cast and what the diagnosis was. They had also written that they loved her and so did God!!! Here is the video of when we received them and loaded them into the truck. I will try and post the actual landing of the plane later... One note is that the boy in the full body cast just got an xray and it looks like his femur was broken and that it was never set. So the cast was in vain. Pray for him (Yonic is his name) as he now goes through surgery as soon as we can find an orthopedic surgeon.

Danita, the director, left for Porte au Prince yesterday to bring back more orphans. Thank GOD our next Visiting Orphans team will be here on Tuesday morning by the time they get here... It's such perfect timing. This team was able to help with the first set of new orphans. We helped provide structure, time off for the staff so they could concentrate on many more other pressing items for bringing in these new children, loved on the orphans, teach them the new rules and boundaries and calm their fears about an earthquake hitting again.


  1. So thankful for a faithful eyewitness and servant! Love on them for us! Yes, I remember you always talking about Robin being so amazing--- praising God for that miracle!

  2. I am following your blog and yearning to get there and help. I sent you and Autumn an email regarding near/future trips. Thank you so much being the voice for the voiceless and keeping those of us stateside up to date and informed of the "realness" of it all. God be with you, your family, your staff, your volunteers and God be with Haiti!

  3. As I've gone about my 'normal' day here in the U.S. I keep thinking about all of you and the work you're doing there. My friend, Tricia, should've arrived with the new group today. Know that many prayers are with you all and the incredible love you are spreading there.