Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Bionic Sister

I have always referred to my sister Robin, for those of you who know me, as "Martha Stewart on Speed". Honestly, she is a woman who rarely ever tires and just runs circles around me. She LOVES to serve people in every way. Therefore, you can understand why she is the first person I think of to join me on any international or mission trip. So, she was the first person I called to jump at the last minute to come on this trip to Haiti.
As you can imagine, she dove right in, raising $10K in just days to help this orphanage and was able to bring 2 suitcases full of medical supplies. When she arrived, she organized the new makeshift clinic and began serving the doctors (she is doing this now as she sits right next to me helping the doctor write up the chart on each child). Then, she volunteered with another team member, Toby Ryder, to cook all the dinners for the team members and staff here. So, she's been SO busy and such a blessing!

Last night, we got to hear one of the most amazing personal testimonies I have ever heard from, Toby. God seriously saved him out of complete drug abuse and saved and healed his wife of burns over her entire body! After this incredible testimony of God's power, we started home to the missionary house. It's dark here with dirt roads and no street lights.

We heard a motorcycle coming around the corner and he accelerated as he turned and when he turned, my sister was right there. He hit her dead on...and she flew about 15 feet and then the motorcycle landed on her and the rider jumped off and over her and ran off. We all thought she was dead as she didn't move for a good few seconds. Until she heard me start to freak out. :) Then, she said..."I'm okay, I'm okay and started moving and getting up". Her first words were, "Is the driver ok?!"

All she had was a bloody lip and a few scrapes and bruises. She miraculously walked away from this....We KNOW it was the power of prayer from everyone who is following this journey. We CANNOT thank you enough for praying for our team. We heard about the power of God from Toby and then last night we WITNESSED it! Your prayers saved my sister's life from injury and death. I cannot thank you enough and it renews my faith that prayers are truly SO needed and they SO work. Thank you so much...


  1. Robin, When our small group prayed specifically for your safety last Sunday, we had no way of knowing exactly how those prayers would be used. I am so thankful that you are all right. We continue to pray for you, Amanda, and the entire team. Father, we thank you for the work being done there and for the faithfulness of your servants. Continue to protect them and to thwart all attacks by the enemy. We ask this in the precious name of Jesus!!!

    We love and miss you!


  2. Robin
    We've been followign your journey and praying for you and the team ministering there. We love you and we praise God for His protection over you and the others. May the Lord continue to use you in mighty ways!!!
    ps..I bet Drew had a heartattack :)