Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Jocelyn & Safe Arrivals

Our first team of eight met in the Miami airport tonight and in only 1.5 hours we were landing in the Dominican Republic. We are getting a much needed night of rest tonight at a hotel (especially me!) here in Santiago and then at 9:30 AM tomorrow morning, we are headed by bus to cross the border into Haiti. I am still amazed at how we were able to recruit 19 team members in just 5 days to create two whole mission teams to serve this orphanage. And we are still adding names every hour to a waiting list of people who are taking God's commandment in James 1:27 to go and visit orphans in their DISTRESS.

We will be stopping at a medical supply store to buy a set of crutches for a little girl who recently went through an amputation due to the earthquake. Her name is Jocelyn. Please keep her in your prayers. I will let you know more details as we arrive and are able to jump on the internet. Our second team needs some bed pans to bring and the orphanage was asking for some more morphine for the doctor to use who is already on the ground. There are certain rules around transporting morphine though since it's a controlled substance, so we were unlucky with this request. It saddens me to think of the pain of children and other civilians who are having to end surgeries and pain without pain killer. I can't even imagine!!! We are so blessed in the U.S. I pray Jocelyn did not have to endure this surgery without adequate pain killer and anesthesia.

Thank you all for your prayer coverage. We have a great team!

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