Thursday, January 28, 2010

Joy in Suffering

This is a video of one of the new girls they brought into the orphanage. She had her arm recently amputated. When the staff found her, she was at one of the two (out of 5) hospitals left standing in Port au Prince. The doctor looked stunned and explained that she had just told him her mom had died in the earthquake and someone else had just come in and told her that her dad had died and was lying in a ditch. This was right after the operation where they took her arm.

Thankfully Danita and staff were there to sweep her up and bring her to her new home where she is surrounded by love of both staff and children. Here she is just a couple days after this operation and the death of her family. She is somehow full of joy in this moment. Pray as the symptoms of trauma will begin to manifest in the next couple of months. They are all still in shock and adjusting to the new loving environment here.

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