Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our First Day in Haiti

It was quite a journey crossing the border between Haiti and Dominican Republic. You aren't allowed to cross by car or a vehicle unless you have a special government permit, so we were dropped off by bus about 3 blocks away and all our luggage was placed in carts and we walked through. There was a very hard line of demarcation that you could see between the living standards in the D.R. and in Haiti. Literally, shacks and dozens of people just bathing and washing in the river, next to nice large mexican style building on the D.R. side.

Then, it was just a small walk to Danita's Children's orphanage. She brought in 28 new children at 2 AM last night. The day before 3 children had arrived by a charter plane. One that I mentioned in my earlier post, Joselyn, a boy actually who had his leg amputated and another young girl who has lost her arm and her whole family. Then, another young boy arrive with a broken femur. He too lost his parents in the earthquake. The 28 new kids are displaced from different orphanages, except a small handful that Danita picked up from the street.

I spent the day with the two doctors helping with the check ups for the kids. I was fun playing the nurse! I weighed them and helped wiht medication. The rest of the team helped with getting the kids their showers.

Gotta run!! On our way to dinner....


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